Here are the first batch of Aurora Photos from our trip. My negatives were scanned at 1536x1024 pixels and the originals are 4.1 MB files. I have reduced them for this site. Click on any thumbnail to see a 600x400 version. If you want a larger file (for printing purposes) send me an email and I'll send it to you.

All my shots were with a 50mm, f/2 lens wide open, Fuji 800 print film with 10-20 second exposures.

Also, check out Stuart's photos on his website.

And for some great photos of Aurora Australis, see Stephen Voss' site.

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Dave Dave Dave Dave
Bands sm.jpg (87331 bytes) clouds sm.jpg (84226 bytes) curtains sm.jpg (40173 bytes) Dipper1 sm.jpg (64340 bytes)
Dave Dave Dave Dave (note dipper)
dipper2sm.jpg (118087 bytes) pillar sm.jpg (127715 bytes) streamers sm.jpg (119387 bytes) trees2 sm.jpg (130732 bytes)
Dave (note dipper) Dave Dave Dave
Trees sm.jpg (98415 bytes) aurora_purple sm.jpg (77934 bytes) aurora_sdr sm.jpg (79310 bytes) lisa1.gif (77999 bytes)
Dave Stuart Stuart Lisa
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Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa
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Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa
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