Friday Morning November 29, 2002, Howard Williams

The handwriting will be worse than usual, even for a doctor. Imagine, if you will, a giant human washing machine and you are the clothes. Dave thinks he had a total of 15 minutes of sleep last night taken in 30 second increments. We divide the groups into the grumpy ones and the not so grumpy ones this morning. The grumpy group far outnumbered the ungrumpy. We have seen hundred of kangaroos this morning and saw two emus alongside the tracks. There doesnít seem to be enough to eat for all the cattle, kangaroos, and emus here.

Our cabin attendant/conductor/waiter Sid introduced us to our efficient quarters. Shower/toilet/basin and above and below bunks. A conductor call button to be used only for dire medical emergencies. Two small wardrobes and a radio with one station. Becky is in car M and we are in I. Her conductor/cabin attendant/waiter Leanne told her to use the call button anytime she wanted and that it wouldnít stop the train after all.

Several of us were entertained by an elderly Kiwi gent with ancient bagpipes. Becky was convinced to add in some Irish dance and it made for a nice finish to the evening. He also performed for us at our last stop on Friday at Broken Hill. The stop was only 20 minutes rather than the usual 1 Ĺ hours to get us back on schedule.

The morning clouds gave way to a bright and sunny afternoon as we neared Adelaide. But that is a story Kathy will need to tell.

Many thanks to Stuart and Dave for their excellent organizational skills. Now letís hope for clear skies.

Friday Afternoon November 29, 2002, Kathy Williams

Called to the dining car at noon for our lunch. Enjoyable scenery with puffy pinkish white clouds. We discussed the Huntsman spider with Mervyn and I can feel my arachnophobia building for our outback adventure. Pulled into Adelaide at 3:55 right on schedule and boarded a bus for the short trip to our hotel/apt. at the east end. Adelaide appears to be quite lovely with many parks, streets, and about a million people.

Our accommodations were great? Compared to our tight little train cabins with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and laundry. We met up with Bill and Rose Allen who had just arrived from New Zealand at 1:00 PM. It was wonderful to see them and introductions were made. We met in Stuartís room for wine and discussed the plans for the coming days.

There must be rude people in Australia. I sure havenít met one yet. They are so friendly and polite and use the words "lovely" and "no worries" in just about every sentence.

So far it has been a lovely trip with no worries. Of course Dave and Stuart are in charge. Thanks guys!