Saturday November 30, 2002, Kangaroo Island, Carolyn Moser

Dave and I with Kathy, Becky and Howard Williams decided to explore Kangaroo Island an hourís ferry ride off the coast of Adelaide. We took the ferry across to Penneshaw and flew back to Adelaide on Emu Airlines.

Kangaroo Island is the 3rd largest island off the Australian mainland after Tasmania and Melville Island, off Darwin.

For our daylong coach tour of Kangaroo Island, we had the perfect guide and driver because Alwyn "Al" Francis was born on the island. The weather was a perfect 20-23 degrees C with blue skies and a few white puffy clouds.
First stop, Seal Bay Conservation Park for a respectful wander on the beach, no closer than 6 metres distance to the Australian Sea Lions. They hunt for food in the open sea for three days, then they must sleep for three days. Advised to watch for "Sea Lion pate" we were encouraged to go barefooted on the white talcum powder like sand.

After lunch at Kaiwarra Food Barn, Al drove us to the Koala Walk and announced the Koala Sighting Contest. First one to spot a Koala buys ice cream for Al. High in the eucalyptus trees we sighted a dozen, two with babies. Most were cuddled into typical sleeping Koala lumps, except for one that slowly moved three feet to pluck a few eucalyptus leaves for a quick nosh. Eucalyptus leaves are such a poor food source the koalas sleep 18 hours digesting them.
The Remarkable Rocks at Kirkpatrick Point, a breathtaking location on the ocean, are large, Remarkable rocks.jpg (71629 bytes)Shrink's chair.jpg (51857 bytes)weather-sculpted granite boulders 500 million years old and about 10 meters high. Al pointed out formations with local names like "Miss Piggy", the "Psychiatristís Couch" and the "Eagles Beak".
At the Cape du Couedic Lighthouse we stopped for a walk to Admirals Arch, a natural archway, and to see New Zealand Fur Seals. The rugged beauty of this coastline combines the best of crashing waves, lounging seals with fresh sea air, blue, blue skies and geological phenomena.
Hungry kangaroo.jpg (36066 bytes)
Our last stop before the Kangaroo Island International Airport was Rocky Point Visitorís Center where a friendly kangaroo greeted us. We followed Alís instructions "No feeding!" except for a few tender tree leaves. Dave gave the Ďroo a few pats and reported it was remarkably soft.

Despite misgivings about flying Emu Airlines, named for a flightless bird, we boarded our 16-18 passenger Beechcraft 1900C, fully loaded at 6:10pm. Adelaide came into view at 6:40pm.