Trip Organizers


Dave Moser

Dave is a physicist and former owner of Map World. He has organized five expeditions to see total solar eclipses in Oregon (1979), Baja California (1991), the Caribbean (1998), Central Turkey (1999) and Australia (2002). His approach is to make sure that there is lots to see and do. There is always a possibility that the weather won't cooperate, and the trip must be able to stand on it's own even without an eclipse. The eclipse is always the bonus feature. He is 5 for 5 having chosen locations with a clear view of totality. He has found that sharing a totality event with others is one of the most powerful emotions of life. See Dave's Turkish Eclipse Page.






Stuart Ryder

Stuart has been addicted to eclipse-chasing since seeing his first one back in 1991, with Dave in Mexico. The eclipse in South Australia will be his sixth expedition, and he has so far notched up over 15 minutes in the Moon's shadow (but somehow that never seems to be enough). In his career as a professional astronomer, Stuart has worked at observatories
all around the world, and is now a staff astronomer at the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Sydney, which operates Australia's largest optical/infrared
telescope. During the trip, Stuart gave us insight into various bits of astronomy and a night sky tour of the southern hemisphere. Although born and raised in New Zealand, he has lived for many years in Australia, and enjoys 
sharing the experience of an eclipse with friends old and new.
See Stuart's eclipse page.