Death Valley
January 29 - February 4, 2005

Dave and Carolyn, Chuck and Sara, Dave and Sally

- We drove to Beatty, stopping to notice the early bloom just south of Hoover Dam.001ontheway006.jpg (113098 bytes)     001ontheway007.JPG (81731 bytes)

Sunday - We stopped for a short, cold, windy visit in the ghost town of Rhyolite002Rhyolite003.JPG (119599 bytes) just down the road from Beatty. Then as we entered The Valley we noticed wind blowing off the sand dunes.003EnteringValley003.JPG (107040 bytes) We also noticed that the alluvial fans were covered in small green plants; soon to be wildflower blooms.003EnteringValley007.jpg (107559 bytes)





We drove up the alluvial fan to the mouth of Titus Canyon and began our first hike - about 5.5 miles round trip. The road in the canyon has been closed for months due to heavy flash floods, but the canyon was as beautiful as ever. 004Titus008.JPG (234689 bytes)Then we settled in to our cozy rooms at Stovepipe Wells.

004Titus010.JPG (138664 bytes) 005Stovepipe009.JPG (102683 bytes)

Monday - We stopped at the visitor center and then made our way to Badwater, the lowest point in the006Badwater001.JPG (116412 bytes) western hemisphere; 282 feet below sea level.

 A short drive north took us to the trail head for a cross-country hike to Artist's Palette. 007Artists022.JPG (93217 bytes)Artist's Drive has also been closed for months, so the only access is on foot. We were the only ones there which made for a quiet, peaceful experience. Part of the 5.2 mile hike was on the remnants of the road. Chuck explored side canyons in search of GOLD. After lunch we hiked back and made a short visit to the Borax Museum at Furnace Creek.

007Artists005.JPG (211726 bytes)007Artists012.JPG (88470 bytes)007Artists009.JPG (175787 bytes)





Tuesday - We headed north to visit Scotty's Castle. 008Scottys015.JPG (110604 bytes)After a great tour, we drove a short distance to Ubehebe Crater. While Dave P. went into the belly of the beast and power-walked back up, others took a walk around the rim.

009Ubehebe004.JPG (151567 bytes)            009Ubehebe005.JPG (132058 bytes)

Later that day, we hiked out to the sand dunes for a somewhat gritty hors d'oeuvre party. The wind was blowing pretty good, but the dunes were as gorgeous as ever.

009ZDunes014.JPG (190349 bytes) 009ZDunes007.JPG (97286 bytes) 009ZDunes010.JPG (83449 bytes)

Wednesday - After a quick stop at Harmony Borax Works we headed down010Harmony003.JPG (159537 bytes) the Devil's Golf Course road which had just opened after more than a month of closure due to flooding. We picked our way across the salt pinnacles in search of salt flats and pools, but there was still a lot of water there. The highlight was seeing the normally dry Amargosa River flowing freely. There were also very fine, thread-like formations of salt and Dave P. even claims to have spotted a salt shark!

011Devils008.JPG (215282 bytes) 011Devils017.JPG (119197 bytes)011Devils016.jpg (122275 bytes) 011Devils019.JPG (160887 bytes)

Then we parked at Golden Canyon and hiked a 4 mile loop through Gower Gulch. Everyone swore that it was012Golden021.JPG (152677 bytes) more like 8 miles by the time we finished. The power of the flash flood that had gone through was incredible, changing the canyons considerably.012Golden015.JPG (86788 bytes)012Golden023.JPG (125688 bytes)

On the way back to Stovepipe, we stopped at the Furnace Creek Inn for a quick tour.




Thursday - We left The Valley driving south on the Badwater Road and stopping for some great views and quite a few early flowers in bloom. We saw brown-eyed primrose, sand verbena, gravel-ghost and fields of desert gold.

013Gold006.JPG (176905 bytes) 014South002.jpg (68125 bytes) 014South007.JPG (209695 bytes)014South009.JPG (237760 bytes)  014South030_2.JPG (198158 bytes) 014South024.JPG (179798 bytes)

Friday - After an overnight in Las Vegas, we took the Dam Tour at Hoover Dam before driving home under an Arizona Sunset.

016Hoover003.JPG (65374 bytes) 016Hoover001.JPG (96889 bytes) 017Sunset002.JPG (47901 bytes)


The End

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